Web application Pentest

Web applications are nowadays an integrated part of every organization and they represent a high value target for adversaries. The Web Application Pentest is based on the latest OWASP Top Ten framework which guarantees that your application is tested against a wide range of vulnerabilities. This ensures that the highest risk vulnerabilities are discovered and mitigated before attackers can exploit them. Read more..

Cloud Azure Pentest

Azure Cloud is one of the most popular and widely used cloud provider not only because of its services, but also due to its easy integration with the on-prem Active Directory. The Cloud Azure Pentest covers a wide range of scenarios from ARM (Azure Resource Manager) to AAD (Azure Active Directory) and ensures that your cloud infrastructure is safe and protected from intruders. Read more..

api pentest

Application Programming Interface (API) endpoints expose your business core services to your applications and your partners as well. Whether they are used by web, mobile or thick client applications – vulnerabilities present in the API endpoints have security implications on all of them. The API Pentest is based on the latest OWASP API Security project which covers the most common and high impact security issues known for APIs. Read more..

Cybersecurity Training

Starting a career in cybersecurity without any experience can feel almost impossible. You can easily become overwhelmed by the hundreds of subtopics, how they relate to each other, and where to begin your learning journey. Study plans are essential for setting up a strong foundation and deciding what are your goals, what are the skills you want to cultivate, your preferred ways of learning and what keeps you motivated. Read more..


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